Looking for a hands-on course on how to make “proper” traditional, prime pork butchers sausages?

We are now offering a course for up to four people, lasting half a day.

Experience the whole process from start to finish and become as involved as you want to be!!

At the end of the course each person will take away 2kg of your fresh homemade quality sausages.

The course lasts approximately 4 hours and start times are either 09:30 for a morning or 13:30 for the afternoon


  • Your host is a qualified UK Butcher, having worked in his family’s butchers shop from a young age.
  • You will start with tea, coffee and biscuits and a chat through the basics.
  • First step is to mince the pork and then how to prepare natural sausage casings.
  • We will then create the mix (traditional, prime pork butchers sausage), the mix will, of course, need tasting!
  • Then the fun bit! You will stuff the sausage casings and learn the famous “three sausage twist” – impossible to describe in words but very satisfying when you get the hang of it.
  • Finally you will vac-pack your sausages. Job done and time for a tea, coffee or something stronger!! providing you a chance to look back on your course and ask any final questions.

The half day course is for up to four people, minimum 12 years old. Cost €60.00 per person and you will take home 2kg of sausages per person – these will have been packed and will keep for weeks in a fridge or for up to six months in a freezer.

Looking for something a bit extra?…….

Visit La Rochelle (extended food market, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday), Ile de Re, Marais Poitevin or the Mervent forest

Make your course part of a one night stay – we can offer one night B&B in one of our 3 en-suite bedrooms, 4 course evening meal including drinks plus the half day sausage making course for a total price of €210.00 per couple or 2 friends sharing a twin bedroom.

A super idea for a Christmas / Birthday / Easter present or for just a fun time away with family or friends!